Greygoose Outsourcing Offer

Personal selection

Different from the outsourcing model, personal selection means that the workers are searched and selected by Greygoose Outsourcing, but finally employed by the client, who pays only a one-time fee for delivering proper candidates to his company.

We always conduct recruitment through our own network of offices in Ukraine, which has a direct impact on transparency of the process. We don’t take any fees from the candidates. Our multilingual recruiters reach to a defined profile of workers who meet the client’s requirements.

Our interviews include proficiency and manual tests, which are adjusted to the client’s needs. This helps to find a perfect candidate for the offered position.

Our clients are provided with comprehensive service in terms of any formalities connected with employment of foreigners - we prepare all documents needed.

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Labour outsourcing

This method of managing the HR area, extremely popular in the West of Europe, allows to delegate specific tasks outside the enterprise to a company specializing in this area, which allows to patch staff gaps and significantly reduce costs. Due to its flexibility, outsourcing enables quick recruitment of new employees in situations of sudden staff shortages or periods of increased production.

Labour outsourcing is our specialty. As part of this service, we take care of recruitment of manpower, provide the personnel to your workplace and employ them in Greygoose Outsourcing with full HR and payroll services on us. We bear all the obligations to the state offices and institutions.

Our specialists will take care of your staffing needs depending on the situation in the company, relieve your administration and allow the company to focus on the basic business direction. Thanks to employee outsourcing, we will optimize employment costs related to overtime, absenteeism costs or termination periods.

As part of the outsourcing service, we comprehensively deal with:

  • recruitment of profiled personnel,
  • legalization of work in Poland,
  • extending the dates of residence permits,
  • translation of all procedures and regulations in force at the client's company,
  • health and safety trainings,
  • organization of employee accommodation,
  • organization of transport to the workplace,
  • organisation of tests required for a given position
  • providing work clothing,

In the outsourcing model, you settle for a predetermined worked hour, which allows to predict costs and expenses.

In addition, at every stage of cooperation, we guarantee service of our bilingual consultants fluent in: Polish, Ukrainian and Russian languages.

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Employment service

We quickly settle all the necessary formalities related to the legalization of the foreigner's stay in Poland and his legal employment.

We fill in applications for work permits, residence cards or visas. Once the employee is ready to start work in your company, we will help him to arrive at the place and accommodation. According to your requirements, we conduct a number of tests and increase qualifications through vocational training.

We also make it easier for the employees to become aware of the new reality - we show them around in the neighbourhood of residence, we introduce them into a new workplace, we carry out necessary health and safety training in the native language of the employee. In addition, we help to set up a bank account and get help in case of health problems.

During the period of employment, we will be in constant contact with the employee, we will remove him from the obligation to handle all wage and administration issues in Polish offices.

Business advisory

Greygoose Outsourcing is not only professionals recruiting employees from the East.

We are a team of specialists in the field of HR management and legal issues related to transborder employment.

As part of our cooperation with the client, we offer free consultancy in those areas.


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