The industries we serve in Greygoose Outsourcing are mainly:

  • Production
  • Food processing
  • Heavy industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Hotels
  • IT


Greygoose Outsourcing specializes in providing employees for positions related to the product’s life cycle. Candidates from Ukraine and Eastern Europe are characterized by a fast pace of work, while maintaining the necessary scrupulousness and precision, and their skills are confirmed by experience and necessary professional qualifications. Our capabilities include both recruitment of lower-level employees (candidates for work on production lines), as well as experienced fitters, electricians, quality engineers, maintenance technicians and machine operators. We also recruit warehouse workers, forklift operators with permissions and packaging workers.


Employees from Ukraine and Eastern Europe find themselves without problems in positions related to food processing and gastronomy. They respect work hygiene, are available, a have good organization of work, determination and ability to work in a team. Greygoose Outsourcing will employ your employees for work in such plants as: dairies, bakeries, juice factories, confectioneries or delicatessen, etc. Among our candidates there are people ready to work on production lines, in the processing of goods, sorting, foiling and packaging, as well as in the field of production machines.


Heavy industry is at the forefront of sectors that constantly increase employment – economic growth translates into staffing needs. Employees employed in this area are a selected group of people with strictly defined qualifications. We recruit specialists for industries such as: metal, chemical, foundry, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries (including welders, turners, mechanics, fitters, service technicians, electricians, construction specialists, etc.). We will also help in the recruitment of experienced engineers and machine operators.


The shipbuilding industry, which is reviving today, needs qualified employees whose deficiencies can be felt due to the increased emigration of Polish specialists to Scandinavian countries and Western Europe. By cooperating with Greygoose Outsourcing, you can count on our commitment to all issues related to recruitment of shipyard workers at all levels. We will provide the best staff in the form of experienced welders, fitters, pipe fitters, insulation fitters, painters, sanders, electricians, carpenters and ship carpenters. We also recruit production supervisors, technologists, brigadiers, tool service technicians and district installation designers.


Our experience shows that companies from the logistics sector usually struggle with lacks of appropriate manual workers. Recruitment involves a need to select candidates with potential, competencies, as well as real expectations towards the employer and the labour market. Thanks to having an extensive database of candidates, we will find the best employees for you with the necessary experience and key competences. We provide people for positions related to work in the warehouse (warehousemen, packers, forklift operators), as well as couriers, drivers and senior staff (coordinators, warehouse managers, forwarders, engineers, dispatchers and specialists in logistics).


At Greygoose Outsourcing we see an increasing demand for construction specialists, both engineers and manual workers. We adapt to the client’s needs and guarantee qualified, hard-working and responsible staff at every stage of construction works. Graduates of esteemed polytechnics, engineers aspiring to create unique architecture, experienced professionals with an awe-inspiring portfolio of projects or physical contractors such as bricklayers, plasterers, and steel fixers are just some of the staff recruited by us.


It is characteristic for the hotel industry that more than half of the employees are lower-level employees – a group that is most difficult to obtain and maintain in the company. Employers are exposed to the perception of additional or seasonal jobs that do not require experience and commitment. Employees from the East perfectly fit into the situation of growing staff shortages in the field of hospitality. They are motivated to work, open to relocation and are not afraid of working in a shift system. Greygoose Outsourcing offers finding people for positions related to cleaning and room service, as well as organizational and reception staff for tourist and recreation businesses (receptionists, porters, waiters, conservators, etc.).


The most dynamically developing industry still suffers from lack of specialists among others in the field of programming, computer networks and systems, graphics, as well as databases. With Greygoose Outsourcing you will hire a highly effective specialist who will take care of the stability and development of your IT processes as well as take part in an IT project. We have in our resources contacts to a wide range of webmasters, programmers of various languages, testers, video game developers, network administrators, as well as IT project managers who also collected their experience internationally.