Principles of cooperation

Financial conditions

The total cost of a working hour depends on the kind of position. Our rate includes:

  • costs of recruitment process within the territory of Ukraine or other Eastern Europe countries,
  • costs of initial health and safety training,
  • costs of medical examination,
  • costs of working clothes and footwear, as well as means of personal protection (also in the form of re-invoice),
  • costs of working permits and visas preparation,
  • costs of accommodation and transport,
  • costs of project coordination.

Specific objectives

Greygoose Outsourcing is responsible for ensuring the legality of stay and employment of personnel on the territory of Poland during the whole time of supplying service, especially:

  • preparing declarations of intent to employ foreigners
  • legalisation of other documents
  • contracting persons from the personnel
  • registration in ZUS (Social Insurance Institution)
  • assignation of Personal ID Number (PESEL)
  • obtaining work permits and assistance in preparing documents to obtain residence cards in Poland.

Workers provide subcontracting service on the basis of a mandate contract (umowa zlecenia) or work contract (umowa o pracę). They hold ,,declarations of intent to employ a foreigner” and working visas (up to 180 days) or work permits (over 180 days).

Greygoose Outsourcing does not deduct any fees from salaries of personnel, for example related to the recruitment process, preparation of documents, etc.

Greygoose Outsourcing provides constant project service through our coordinators using fluent Polish, Ukrainian and Russian language (native speakers).

Workers’ remuneration is paid directly to workers’ bank accounts, according to a time sheet or other document that enables calculation of worker’s remuneration. New workers have a possibility of receiving an advance.

The initial Health and Safety training takes place in a designed location. It is conducted with the use of graphic materials (multimedia presentation). The materials are obtained from the client, translation to Ukrainian/Russian is provided by Greygoose Outsourcing.

Health and Safety trainings for a particular job position are organised on the basis of workstation cards delivered by the client, they are translated into Ukrainian/Russian by Greygoose Outsourcing.

Selection of employees is organised according to the requirements and needs of the client.

The commissioning party has the right to assess employee’s suitability and conduct competence tests before starting work.

Before the implementation of contract the client is obligated to deliver risk assessment cards related to the particular workstation along with a register of accidents at work. The aim of this procedure is to familiarise employees with the risks.

The client will deliver to Greygoose Outsourcing essential instructions, workstation descriptions and other crucial documents, before the start of provision of services. Abovementioned documents will be translated into Ukrainian/Russian language and presented to the employees.

Insurance policy

Greygoose Outsourcing holds an insurance policy by Allianz, in respect of civil liability for the damage caused in connection with business conducted, with the limit of PLN 2.000.000,00.


We hope that our offer will meet your interests and we will be able to undertake joint activities. Please contact us!