Why is it worthwhile?

Employee outsourcing is one of the most effective models of business development. By shifting the burden of human resources to  Greygoose Outsourcing, your company will gain much more than in the case of traditional recruitment. Why?

Professionalism, knowledge, involvement

Out team consists of professional and ambitious recruiters, skilled in human resources management ad communication. Moreover, we have a thorough knowledge of labour markets, in which we operate. The outcome of this combination is the ability to find the best candidates for the position in your company.


Multi-stage recruitment process

Our employees go through a multi-stage, precisely constructed recruitment processes, during which we select the people who meet the specified criteria best. Our interviews and tasks are always adjusted to client’s requirements and business sector. We prepare tasks for individual candidates, which verify skills and qualifications. Choosing Greygoose Outsourcing, you gain comfort and certainty of employing the best workers.


Complete Service

We provide a complete service starting from examining the client’s needs, developing a job offer and defining candidates profiles, through the recruitment process, transport and implementation of employees, to all formal and legal issues, connected with employment and payroll.

High culture of communication

At Greygoose Outsourcing, we focus on a high culture of communication. We are always available to our clients and employees. Our bilingual project coordinators are always on the spot ready to help.

Employer branding

Employer branding is being built already, when the recruitment process starts. We will take care of every applicant to feel that the time devoted is not wasted. Thanks to that your company will be perceived as a perfect place for professional development where an employee can feel positive atmosphere.


Cooperation with Greygoose Outsourcing is profitable due to the time, financial and space saving involved. As an external HR department we perform duties in your company. We intensify work as much as possible and at the same time reduce costs of employment and administrative formalities.



  • We complete whole workers teams, that start working for your company  straight away,
  • We organise reliable and immediate training in order to deliver fully qualified workers to your company,
  • Our clients usually avoid burdening with overtime costs, as our personnel works on the basis of a mandate contract,
  • We control flexibility of employment in case of seasonal jobs, during holiday and public holiday periods, as well as  provide more favourable employment rates for the PFRON reports,
  • We focus on safety work conditions and constant communication.